Building Plasma Processes

The plasma clean technology is being used in many industries to do better treatment of surfaces used for different applications in industries like painting, circuit boards, packaging, printing, textiles, etc. In all such industries, you might have seen good uses of plasma technology made equipment and processes to treat surfaces for coating, cleaning, activation, and so on. In all the surface activities, plasma products are frequently being used to carry out the industrial processes smoothly and in a safest way. if you want to know about plasma descend process, which occurs in industries for treating printed circuit boards (PCB) and photoresist surfaces to clean residuals. Firstly, you need to understand the following.

What is SU-8 photoresist?

  • SU8 is a negative epoxy-based photoreist. This is a single molecule that contains 8 epoxy groups. It is a cross linking polymer and is near sensitive to UV rays too.
  • Some Important Points and Applications of SU-8 Photoresist
  • SU-8 is widely used in fabrication of microfluidics and microelectronic industry too.
  • SU-8 absorbs maximum to ultraviolet light for photoresist process to carry out.
  • SU-8 is set its name, as it contains 8 epoxy groups.
  • SU-8 photoresist is a combination of three components such as resin, sensitizer, and solvents too.
  • SU-8 photoresist is used due to its good adhesion property and broad range of thickness as well.

What is Plasma Descum?

Plasma descum is the process that involves the removal of contaminants on a printed circuit board. This descum is found more effective in cleaning residuals on wires in PCB boards. This process is generally carried out in plasma asher that uses oxygen and favorable environment to get the residue removal process done easily. The process of removing all bad contents on the circuit boards is called plasma etching process that is commonly done in circuit board industries.

Some Important Points to consider about Plasma Descum: Plasma descumming is done in a closed chamber or ahser, which is designed specifically for same plasma process to remove dirt particles on the surface or circuit board.

Plasma decumming process is carried in a favorable environment and in a controlled manner.

There is a great application seen of oxygen in the plasma descum process during removal of residues on the layers. A good uniformity is required to carry out descumming process.

Eliminates the residuals on photoresist layer to make it useful for industrial uses.

So, if you require plasma descumming equipment or asher for industrial application, you should approach to the leading plasma products’ suppliers in Malaysia. At the authorized suppliers in Malaysia, you will definitely find world-class plasma descumming industrial products and residual removing equipment in standard specifications to carry out descumming process in a controlled manner.

On the other end, if you want to know about phtotoresist products used in varied industrial processes, you should go for the option of SU-8, which is one of the finest negative, epoxy based photoresist and has applications in different industries too. Thus, you will find good application of SU-8 polymer in varied photoresist processes in diverse industries. To know more about such processes and uses of SU-8, you may consult with industrial process advisors in Malaysia. Apart from that, you will also find many useful plasma surface treatment products in Malaysia at the genuine suppliers in the country for sure. Find more details


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